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Here's What Our Students Are Saying:

"During EMT school I had such a difficult time retaining all the information I needed to know. What I like most about Geoff and Master Your Medics is he breaks down everything in easy to understand short videos. I couldn't imagine going through school without him."

"I Can't say enough about the Master Your Medics Membership! The content is explained very well and made easy to learn. Studying goes by so quickly because the video's are dense and to the point which makes them short and easy to watch. At anytime you get confused you can always pause or rewind the video or contract Geoff with questions! It is a break from studying the same material over and over from a text book or old study material and makes studying fast and easy!"

It is my dream to be in the healthcare profession.  And with that come valleys and mountains to go thorough but Master Your Medics is a vital tool that will help make that dream possible. I feel since I started the courses it has already helped me grow into the Medic I want to be!

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How you can benefit from Master Your Medics:

EMT and Paramedic courses are High Speed Courses. More and more schools are shortening the time it takes to complete their courses. This forces you to study 2-4 hours every night, and leaves MASSIVE gaps in your learning.  Master Your Medics courses can help you better understand the material before you even step into a class room and fill those gaps! Students are decreasing study time by 50%! We aren't finished there though. When you come on as a Master Your Medic student we give you discounts to great Apps, EMS equipment, and clothing. We give you a close community of EMT and Paramedics that are there to answer your questions. You can even request a personal video about topics you are struggling with!

You get an instructor with years of experience. Geoff Murphy has been an emergency medicine instructor for over 7 years. He has been involved in teaching and developing some of the top courses in Canada. He has a huge passion for teaching and loves to see his students succeed more than anything. Geoff continues to work as a flight paramedic in Alberta while running Master Your Medics.

Get to your dream job faster. The competition to get into the EMS industry  is HUGE! You can stand out by being the best trained candidate in the room. Your recruiters WILL notice your confidence and intelligence. 
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